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The Proof of God

Question: Who created man?

Answer: God.

Question: Who created God?

Answer: Man.

This debate about God is eternal in the mind of thinking human beings. He wants an answer but there is no clear answer. While theists believe that God created man, atheists believe just the opposite. Who is right and who is wrong? We don’t know. Why must we know the answer of this question? Because, this question is too important for mankind to ignore as most of the present day conflicts of the world are closely connected with this question.

The most common argument of the scientists and atheists for denying the existence of God is that there is no proof for the existence of God. Another reason why it is difficult to believe God is that every religion or sect has their own concept of God and different methods of worship. Often these concepts are so divergent that it is impossible to believe that they are referring to the same God. No person can dispute the fact that there has to be only one God irrespective of the religious beliefs. After all realities like sun and earth don t depend on the faith of an individual. How can we resolve these contradictions that exist between the different faiths?

In different times, great philosophers used the story of “six blind men and an elephant” to explain such contradiction. The story is as following

Six blind men were asked to determine what an elephant looked like by feeling different parts of the elephant s body.

The blind man who feels a leg says the elephant is like a pillar; the one who feels the tail says the elephant is like a rope; the one who feels the trunk says the elephant is like a tree branch; the one who feels the ear says the elephant is like a hand fan; the one who feels the belly says the elephant is like a wall; and the one who feels the tusk says the elephant is like a solid pipe.

All the blind man were telling the truth as they believed. Why did they err? Because, all of them knew only partial truth. They could not grasp the whole Truth due to their lack of vision. Similar can be said about the concept of God.

Gandhi believed that there in no God except Truth. No one can deny that Truth is eternal and also one. Truth is sacrosanct and the goal of all human beings including science and religion. Hence the necessity to find a single Truth about God that is consistent with all religions and sciences and acceptable to all.

Who is God?

God is understood in different religion in different forms. In Indian philosophy, God is not considered to be an external reality but it is considered to be internal in all realities. God in all and All in God truly represents this philosophy. Lord Krishna describes the origin of universe as following (Gita VII 4-7):

Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky, Mind, Reason and Ego- thus eightfold are my Nature. This is my lower aspect; but know thou My other aspect, the higher – which is jiva (Atman) by which this world is sustained. Know that these two compose the source from which all beings spring; I am the origin and the end of the entire Universe. There is nothing higher than Me. All things are strung on Me as a row of gems upon a thread”

In simple words, there is a material aspect of all the entities that we can see and know. These material realities are eightfold. The Earth, water, air, fire and sky refers to the five states of matter i.e. solid, liquid, Gaseous, plasma and pure energy or electromagnetic waves that fill the sky. Mind too is a material reality as it can also be measured by tests like IQ tests. Mind is, therefore, often known as the “sixth” sense. Reason is a unique ability of mankind that enables the man to discover the mysteries of nature, and find pattern between dissimilar and isolated things or events. Ego provides each reality an identity of our own different from the rest of the realities of the world.

It is due to the illusion of the material realities that we see all beings as distinct and different from each other. Yet all the realities can be compared with the garland of gems where all individual gems are joined with each other by a common thread. This thread is invisible to senses and it can be compared with Soul of Universe or God. By another analogy, if God can be compared with a human body, then individuals represents a cell of the body

God is, therefore, referred as Paramtama or the Universal Soul and the universe as his body. The individual souls are believed to be the spark of the universal soul.

We can, therefore, define “God as the universal soul that is common in everything” based on this understanding,

The DNA of God

The material world has been well understood and explained by scientists. We will try to use the same knowledge for the understanding of God. Science often fails to answer the basic questions relating to mater including the “Why” and “How” of the relationships between different realities. For example, it can measure and find the force between two different charges or mass, yet it can t explain why it is so and how it is created. It can explain, the structure of an atom, but fail to explain how and why an atom was made in the first place. Similarly, no scientific principle can explain how the life or universe was created.

Though both science and religions have created theories to explain such basic questions, yet no one prove or disapprove something has happened in the period of billions of years, when the life of man is limited to merely hundred years. Further, these theories are too complex to be understood by a common man. Einstein believed that the best theories are those which are simple and explain many different phenomena. He said “When the solution is simple, God is answering.”

Science has proved that each cell of the body has a unique characteristic of the person. A person can be identified by the testing of the DNA of any part of his or her body, be it skin, hair, nail or heart. Even saliva can give adequate evidence of the identity of the person. The DNA of the person is also closely related to his parents, and today its testing is the most common method to determine paternity (or maternity).

If God is the Universal Soul and all its creations are similar to cells of the body cells then the DNA of all cells must have something in common and they must be designed to work with each other just like billions of cells of a body are related to each other and work like once unit.

Science, however, treats each entity separately having no relationship with divergent realities. It is for this reason that certain facts can t be explained by material understanding of the universe and one has to accept the Truth of all pervading spirit. The existence of this all pervading spirit can provide the proof of God.

The Proof of God

Lord Krishna demonstrate the presence of God I all beings in Gita (Gita VII, 8-11)

In water, I am (God is) the savour, In Sun and Moon, I am the light, I am the AUM of Vedas, I am the words in the Sky and the strength in man. I am the pious fragrance of Earth, the brilliance in fire, the life in all beings and the austerity of the ascetics. Know Me to be the life of all beings. I am the wisdom of the wise and the aura of the great man. In the strong, I am the strength devoid of lust and passion; In all living beings, I am the righteous desire.

How can these examples provide the proof of God? It is because all these realities are reflection of the same entity that is common in all the creations yet can t be explained by logic as we shall see later. The discussion abut these realities can establish that these realities are created together from one entity (God) just like all different parts of the body are created from a single cell of human body.


All creatures of the world (earth) are dependent on water for their survival. In fact the scientist considers the presence of water in a planet as the proof of life. No life can exist without water. Why water when there are thousands of other liquids available on this planet? This is a mystery as no logic can explain it. Why everything is so much dependent on water?. The answer seems to be that water and life are not designed separately but created together from one source.

Light and Sound

Scientists have established that light is nothing but electromagnetic waves. They have discovered and in fact created many electromagnetic waves whose wavelengths may vary from hundreds of kilometers to one millionth of a millionth meter. Out of such a wide spectrum of electromagnetic waves produced in the universe , the eyes of the man can sense or see only a small spectrum of wavelengths that are within 0.4 to 0.8 micrometer (1 micrometer = one millionth of a meter).

Man can see an object only if it emits or reflects the waves of this small frequency range. Yet it is a fact that almost all material objects reflects or emits wavelengths of electromagnetic waves that are in this range of frequency. Fortunately for species of the earth, the waves of all other lights are absorbed by the atmosphere of earth miraculously. Imagine Sun or Moon to have just 10% higher or lower (in wavelength or frequency) emission of the wavelength of the visible spectrum or the atmosphere fail to absorb them. These wavelengths (infrared and ultraviolet) are so dangerous to eyes, that we could all have become blind by watching these lights.

Why only such frequency of waves is created in abundance that is suitable to our eyes is a mystery that no logic can explain. Similar is the case with the vibration in air that is known as sound. The vibrations of sound and light are very special as they vibrate the man and every creature of the world. They produced happiness and create beauty which is unexplainable and mysterious.

Unified Knowledge

The Sanskrit word Veda means “knowledge” or “wisdom” is derived from the root vid- “to know”. The syllable AUM represents Brahma or Universe or the concept of Union of all realities. Thus AUM represents the knowledge that all realities of the universe are one. Only man has this knowledge. It is only due to this knowledge that man could find relationships and the secrets of the universe.

Aum represents the common Truth that prevails in every single creation of the universe and it represents the common law that governs the world. This knowledge in man has caused all growth of science, philosophy and religion. Scientist have only proved these intuitions or hidden knowledge with logic and material evidence to convince the world while philosophers and holy man used faith to convince the world. Yet how such knowledge came in the mind of man is not explainable unless it is presumed that this knowledge was already in man that got triggered from the external observation that acted as trigger.

The artists and the scientist have also discovered this mystery of the Universe that enabled them to comprehend the Universe by understanding the Soul of the Universe that lies within us. Einstein summarized his quest of knowledge when he said “I just want to know the thoughts of God. The rest are details.”

Artists and poets have discovered the same Truth about the world. Paulo Coelho discovers the same Truth in his classic “The Alchemist” in following words

There is one principle that governs all things. In alchemy it is called the Soul of the World. When you want something with all your heart, that s when you are closest to the Soul of the World. ..Everything on earth is being continuously transformed because the earth is alive.. And it has a soul. We are part of the soul, so we rarely recognize that it is working for us. ..that the most important text in the literature of alchemy contained only a few lines, and had been inscribed on the surface of an emerald.

In alchemist, the boy could discover this Knowledge as Paulo Coelho wrote in following words.

The boy reached through to the Soul of the World, and he saw that it was part of the God. And he saw that the Soul of God was his own soul.

The presence of this Universal Knowledge or AUM in all beings is the proof of God as it demonstrates that we are part of the universal soul or God.

Selfless Duty and Righteous Desire

Selfless duty is another reality which is not explainable logically. People die for the sake of their duty and the righteous cause without any personal benefit. Man is so bound by his sense of duty and righteous cause that he can lay his life for the cause that is in benefit of the mankind or universe. There can be no logical explanation for sacrificing one s life for a cause or an unknown person,

There is something in all of us which force us to do our rightful duties. We achieve happiness only when follow the right cause without selfish motive. This is most natural desire. You hurt a child and the mother would like to take hit you back. It is true even for animals. You see a weak and helpless man in misery and a desire come to your mind to remove that misery. The source of such benevolence and kind desire is unknown. You see a selfish person and you want to damage him. You see a good man and you feel like respecting him.

We sometimes call such emotions as the voice of conscious, inner voice or the voice of heart. If we can t feel such emotions, we are called heartless. Why such emotions seems to emerge from heart because, it comes without any logic or reason. There can be no logical explanation for such inner voice that are self-inflictive yet guides all men throughout their life. Men who fail to recognize this voice looses his touch with God and get nothing but mystery despite of all material wealth of the world. This desire of man represents the proof of God as it establishes that a has a natural desire to treat the entire world as part of him and feel happy to do good for others.


True understanding of God requires the understanding of the soul of religion and sciences rather than then words. God is the soul of universe and present in all realities. We do have the capacity of understand God and His creations since we are part of God and have a common soul. Yet such understanding and knowledge comes so naturally to us that we seldom realize the source of knowledge. However, once we use our soul to understand the world, we understand the knowledge automatically and find simple solutions for the complex problems of our life.

Einstein rightly said “When the solution is simple, God is answering”. It is because the entire world is governed from simple laws or Truths which is known to us provided we use our emotions and experience to understand it. For a logical mind such “obvious” knowledge seems mysterious as Einstein said “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.” This mystery is God, ever present in us yet leaving no proof of His presence.

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