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Premium Web Cart Review

The Premium Web Cart review is one that I have been meaning to do for quite some time but often times it’s hard to pay attention to the good child when there are other kids running, screaming, and throwing food at the table.

And so it is with product reviews, the negative reviews tend to get completed before the positive reviews because more people complain than compliment. But while my list of negative product product reviews grows each day, it’s important that I keep a balanced approach and highlight the good products as well as the losers on my list.

Premium Web Cart Review – Trend Setter or Simply Strange?

The #1 feature of Premium Web Cart is also the hardest feature to explain and it’s the hardest concept for most people to understand. There are advantages to being the creator of unique technologies and there are disadvantages as well so you’ll need to read this entire review in order to make up your mind about the sanity of the folks at

The major advantage of being a trend setter is that you now have something that nobody else has and you receive the benefits of owning the entire market by yourself. The disadvantage is trying to get people to understand what you have and why they need something they’ve never seen before.

Apple does this very well. Think about their iPhone and how revolutionary it was to be a phone and to not have a keypad when every other phone since the invention of the phone had a keypad, and then to replace it all with a touch screen interface. With all truly great ideas, the new concept had to be explained in great detail, but once people “got it” the touch screen became the de facto standard for all smart phones.

The long running keypad as the standard interface for smart phones is now as dead as the bouffant hairdo or the Sony walkman. Both had their period in the sunshine but now it’s over and time to move on.

Online Shopping Cart Software Revolution

Premium Web Cart appears to be forcing the online shopping cart software in an entirely new direction with the introduction of this one amazing change in the product philosophy as well.

Shaking up the traditional business mindset of: 1 website = 1 shopping cart license and 2 websites = 2 shopping cart licenses, Premium Web Cart flips this model on it’s head and changes the equation to: 1 shopping cart license = unlimited website businesses.

One simple change in the equation equals a truly revolutionary way of looking at how you run and market your online ecommerce business.

The old pricing model meant that you paid the license price multiplied by the number of website businesses that you wanted to run. But With Premium Web Cart, you actually divide the cost of the license by the number of websites that you want operate.

In other words, it’s like going to a smorgasbord where you pay one price and eat all you choose. The more you eat, the lower the cost per bite.

This Is How Premium Web Cart Works

To better grasp how this revolutionary concept works, it’s best to think about another program that incorporated this same basic concept years ago. A Microsoft Excel workbook is a perfect example to use as the workbook concept is very similar to the way in which PremiumWebCart has created their system.

When you open an Excel workbook, by default there are 3 tabs at the bottom of the page and each one of these tabs represents a separate worksheet. Each worksheet has the look, form and all the functionality of Excel.

If you desire a 4th worksheet, all you need to do is click the tab and you get another worksheet with the full functionality of the other worksheets.

And this is exactly how Premium Web Cart provides the only platform that allows it’s customers to run an unlimited number of website businesses with the full look, feel, and functionality necessary to truly run your separate business or product lines as though you had multiple licenses of the software instead of just paying for one license.

But Wait…It Gets Better

Since management of your business is a lot more expensive than the cost of a software license, it’s critically important that your business management efforts are made as simple as possible.

And this is the other great benefit to using one system from Premium Web Cart to manage all your businesses because now you’ll be able to manage all your business functions from 1 login. To switch from business to business is literally as simple as choosing the business and clicking the tab, just like the Excel worksheets.

Premium Web Cart Review – Membership System

Membership systems like aMember and Wishlist are all the rage and for good reason; membership business models provide a great recurring revenue business with a predictable and stable income stream. So imagine the power your business would achieve if you had the power of a top end membership system already built into the rest of your business systems.

The Premium Web Cart membership system module is called “Members Pro” and it carries the same fundamental logic as the rest of the application i.e. it has the ability to “replicate” itself so you can run an unlimited number of membership sites that are truly branded with form and function that is unique and specific to each site you maintain. And of course, the management of all these sites is still performed with only one login.

Here are a few of the key features of the Members Pro membership system:

  • Advanced Content Delivery – Fully encrypted and compatible with Amazon S3
  • Timed Content Delivery – Also known as a “drip feed” system because it allows you to time the release of your content to keep your members in your membership system longer.
  • Customer Tiers – Set up multiple levels of customers and multiple levels of timed content delivery.
  • Easy Upgrade – 1 Click upgrade for existing customers.
  • Trial Periods – Bring more customers into your membership system when you can offer them a low cost trial period i.e. $1 for 14 days and then $49 / month thereafter.
  • Automatic Payment Management – Easily manage a large volume of customers without watching their payments. I they stop paying, they’re automatically suspended from having access to your system.
  • Point and Click Administration – No installation or technical knowledge needed – simply ‘point and click’ and you’re done.

Premium Web Cart Review – Affiliate System

Every top online marketer knows that a strong affiliate system is the lifeblood of their business. The developers of PremiumWebCart obviously knew the importance of affiliates as this system has every feature in the book, plus a few not listed in any other books but theirs, to ensure that you can easily attract, retain and manage a massive affiliate network.

Besides all the basic features needed in any affiliate system software, review the exclusive items already included:

  • Unlimited Affiliate Programs – Run 1, 10 or even 100…or more affiliate programs through your single account.
  • Super Affiliate Bonus – Reward your most valuable affiliates with automatic Super Affiliate Bonuses – very motivational for the top marketers.
  • Progressive Payment System – Increase your payouts based upon increased sales to motivate affiliates to get to the next level.
  • Unlimited Private Redirects – Have affiliates that want to redirect to an exclusive page? Using our affiliate link redirects, this is easily accomplished.
  • Easy Pay System – Managing payments and actually making payments used to be a time consuming nightmare. Not any longer, now you click, click, click and pay. The Easy Pay System alone makes the affiliate system a winner.

Premium Web Cart Review – Business Critical Modules

The online business world has changed quite a bit from the time when a simple html website and an email account were the only prerequisites to running a successful online business. Now it takes quite a bit more to simply satisfy the base expectations of the online shopping community and you need to have these systems in place or you’ll be “outed” as a poseur in a hurry.

The important thing to keep in mind is that all of the modules listed below are included with the system and can be “replicated” for as many websites as you’re running or planning on running in the future.

Instant Answer Ticket System – Still relying on email to run your business? This is one of the biggest indicators that you’re working part time out of a spare corner in a bedroom somewhere. If you want to look like a real business, you need to run your support through a real ticket system.

The major advantage of using a “smart” ticket system is the reduction in submitted tickets that need to be addressed because the intelligent database answers the questions for you before the ticket is ever submitted. This can be a major time saver and actually help with your sales conversion rate.

Project Manager – If you’ve ever used a product like BaseCamp then you have a pretty good idea what this one is all about. If you’re not using a project manager today to manage your internal and external company tasks, this module could be a real eye opener for you as it cleanly organizes and manages all your projects and keeps you and your team on the same page.

Intuitive and easy to use so you quickly hit the ground running as the user interface is much less cluttered than other project managers that are nothing more than glorified spreadsheets.

Live Chat – Enough studies have been done to prove that live chat is a proven sales driver. If you’re not using a live chat system today, you’re likely leaving 33% to 38% of your sales on the table.

The custom live chat module provided incorporates several systems that make the management easier to handle with the understanding that you’re not going to be tied to your desk 100% of the time.

Click To Call – On the surface, a click to call system seems redundant to having a phone number on your website, especially a toll free phone number. But the reality is that people hate automated phone menus so much that they avoid calling businesses simply to avoid the hassle of pressing 1 for customer service or 2 for sales, etc.

This is where a click to call system will generate more sales for you as people that ordinarily would not call you will now use the click to call system to have you call them. This is a very powerful option to place on your website and one I strongly recommend you try.

Now here’s the twist! The traditional click to call systems are expensive and restrictive.

Premium Web Cart uses a proprietary method to give you the same click to call benefits but routes the call request to your cell phone or computer or any other SMS device you choose to provide you with the ultimate flexibility and power…without the traditional high cost that comes with other click to call systems.

Autoresponder – Fully integrated with their own autoresponder system or choose from either Aweber or Mail Chimp. No matter which autoresponder system you choose, it’s all seamlessly integrated to work as one cohesive product.

Suggest a Feature – This unique and innovative system does an amazing thing…it lets your customers tell you exactly what to develop in your product next. No more guessing and wasting valuable resources providing features that nobody wants while depriving them of the features they most desire.

The Suggest a Feature system uses a creative voting system that allocates vote volumes like currency to ensure that the best ideas rise to the top and not simply the ideas most desired by the “loudest” of the customers. It’s true product development democracy in action.

Bug Spotter – To go along with the Suggest a Feature system, it’s important to have a way for your customers to identify “bugs” in your system or product. And while many people automatically think of “bugs” as being a software problem, all products can have a bug of one sort or another.

Bug Spotter is an extremely effective tool for letting your customers locate and document problems in your product so you can continuously improve your offering.

Survey System – Surveys are a really powerful tool for a webmaster because a simple survey will tell you “why” a customer or visitor took an action, or failed to take an action, on your website instead of the simple statistics that tell you what action was taken. Unless you know the “why”, you’ll never be able to improve the effectiveness of your website and your business.

The Premium Web Cart survey system takes this a major step forward by having “split testing” in their survey system. Here’s how it works.

You first create a run a survey on your website and gather up the responses. Based upon this information, you make the changes to your site that you feel will resolve the problems and issues with your existing site.

You then follow up with the same survey on the improved site and the survey system will compare the data graphically so you have a strong visual that quickly indicates where the improvements worked, did nothing, or possibly created new problems on your site.

This split testing is a powerful function not found on other survey systems and is really the key to ongoing website and sales conversion improvements.

Advanced Tracking – Along the same lines, how do you track your advertising results outside of pay-per-click (PPC)?

You’ll need a tool that can manage multiple sources of traffic, measure conversions as well as measuring the “events” that Google analytics does not cover. After all, it’s just as important to measure newsletter opt-ins, and then the sales from this opt-in list, as it is to measure sales generated directly from a PPC ad to your sales page.

The other feature I really like is the ability to not only split test 1 page versus the other but to be able to split test 5 pages in rotation at one time. This is a huge time saver and another powerful strategy to increased sales conversions.

Advertising Module – Not everyone will use this module but if you have multiple websites and need an effective and efficient method to distribute, manage and measure your banner ads across multiple sites, then this will fit your needs perfectly.

Dashboard – Unless you love to login to your management system throughout the day to get updated on your business, you’re going to love the convenience of having this dashboard sitting right on your desktop. Instant sales notifications and everything else you need to monitor your business is sitting right at your fingertips.

A dashboard is even provided to your affiliates so they can watch the success of their marketing efforts of your program.

Gift Certificates – All modern retailers offer a Gift Certificate as a proven sales booster. But unless you have a robust system that truly manages and tracks the gift certificate, you’re likely in violation of the new credit card rules and at the very least creating unhappy customers.

The Premium Web Cart gift certificate system is a fully dedicated system that instantly makes you look like one of the “big boys” in the retail industry. With each certificate fully customizable, this is a true retailers dream system.

CD / DVD Publisher – This handy module will turn your digital content into an easy to distribute physical product with a simple auto play function and menu system so your customers simply need to insert the CD / DVD to have the content displayed and ready to play with 1 click. It also allows you to arrange your content and have it presented in the order desired.

Advanced Up Sell Technology – Finding new customers is difficult and expensive so it’s critical that you sell more to each of the customers you do find. Premium Web Cart is the only online shopping cart system that gives you the ability to perform an up sell system before the customer checks out, or after their initial check out or before and after their check out.

This type of up sell system is a 1 of a kind system and clearly the leader in the shopping cart systems available today.

Automated Fulfillment – Premium Web Cart has developed a proprietary fulfillment module that is 100% automated and completely hands free, yet still works with literally any fulfillment business you choose (including their own fulfillment service).

The full power of this fulfillment software becomes apparent when you have multiple product lines that need to be fulfilled by multiple different companies or fulfillment centers.

The software allows you to set up an unlimited number of fulfillment centers and then tie specific products to specific fulfillment centers so you can easily and automatically run multiple product lines from your website or websites.

Premium Web Cart Review – In a Nutshell

The Premium Web Cart review is by far the longest review I’ve written about any product and for good reason – Premium Web Cart is by far the biggest, beefiest, 800-pound gorilla in the shopping cart space today. Their tag line is, “more than a cart, it’s a complete marketing solution” and I do need to agree with them on this point.

Premium Web Cart is essentially a “roll up” of all the systems and software that every online ecommerce business needs. So if you’re looking for 1 shoppingcart that can run your entire business from the cart functions all the way through the and marketing software, I think you need to give Premium Web Cart a review.

Best Wishes,


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